Lee’s Studio of Dance

Studio Policies/Class Rules for 2017-2018



1. Dance tuition payments are due the first class of the month.  All payments are non-refundable. Please write checks to Lee’s Studio of Dance and include your child’s name.


2.Tuition will not be pro-rated for your attendance. It is based yearly so come to class. If you decide to quit, you will continue to be charged until the studio is notified.


3.A $10 late fee will be charged for tuition not paid by the third week of the month.


4.There is a $25 returned check fee.


5.Costume information will be given out later in the year.  We will be ordering costumes as early as we can in order to make sure we receive costumes in ample time for the recital.   **Once ordered, costumes are non-refundable.**  Also, once the order has been placed, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance of the costume even if your child decided to no longer take dance.  All costumes are ordered as close to your child’s size as possible, but we can’t guarantee a perfect fit.  Alterations may have to be made at your expense.  Costumes will not be handed out to students until the costume fee is paid in full.




1. Please understand that we can’t give discounts for missed classes.  Any classes that the studio may have to cancel for due to illness will be made up.  You will receive a phone call from Lee if this happens.


2.We encourage dancers to attend class on a weekly basis.  When your child misses often, he or she falls behind in their dances and training.  It is hard to move on when you are missing students in the class.  Students will be dropped from the class for excessive absences.


3.We would appreciate notice if your child is going to miss more than one consecutive class.  This helps us keep our classes and schedule organized.  If for some reason you choose to discontinue your patronage at our studio, we ask you to inform Lee immediately by phone, email, or in person so the slot may be filled.


4.The studio is out of session for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks.



1. When Kanawha County Schools dismiss early or close for snow and ice conditions, the studio will be closed as well.  The only exception is if Lee feels the weather has cleared up enough for safe driving conditions, then he may decide to still have dance.  We will let you know if this is the case.  If there is a 2 hour delay we will still be open.


2.In case the weather turns bad late in the afternoon/evening, please call before heading to class.  If weather is bad enough, we may decide to cancel dance for the evening.  If in doubt, please call the studio at 437-2860.



1.We have a closed circuit camera so you may view the dance activities.  This will also only be on for the 1st class of the month.  At other times we will have videos playing.  We ask parents to please refrain from entering the dance room, unless instructed to do so during class.  This maximizes instruction time and minimizes distractions.


2.Please try to not send your child more than 10 minutes before his or her dance class and don’t leave your child alone in the dance room.  You may leave when the class begins, but please arrive to pick them up on time.  We can’t be responsible for children left in the waiting area so please do not send other unsupervised children with the students.


3.If your child shows that they will not behave or listen to instruction in class, they will be asked to sit out in the waiting area with a parent until they choose to behave properly.


4.If your child will not stay in class without you, we will do our best to accommodate this need.  If after 2 or 3 sessions they will not stay without you, they may be asked to wait until next year to take class.  We NEVER want to lose a child, but we must have order in the class to instruct to the best of our abilities.


5.Please arrive on time and in proper attire.


6.Absolutely no street shoes are allowed on the dance floor.


7.No FOOD or DRINK other than water please.  We have white carpet in the building, and we need to keep it clean.  Holiday parties are the only exception.


8.Please keep furniture in place including chairs and tv.


9.Absolutely no smoking in the building or by the entrances.


10.No running, jumping, climbing, shoving, hitting, etc. allowed inside the studio for the safety of everyone

Dress Attire

Appropriate dance wear and dance shoes are required at all times.  We ask girls to wear a leotard, tights, and appropriate shoes.  A t-shirt may be worn as long as it is no longer than the waist or it must be tied in the back.  No shorts or pants.  Hair should be pulled back from the face.  For boys, we ask that you wear the appropriate shoes and clothes that you can move in easily such as jogging or exercise pants and t-shirts.


1. No gum allowed.  Put it in the trash can before you enter.

2.No cell phones in class.  Leave them in the waiting area.

3.Remember no food or drink.

4.Extra shoes, bags, etc. place in white cubby by waiting room.

5.Hair needs to be pulled back out of your face.


Each spring we have an annual recital to showcase what the children have been learning all year.  We also have a mandatory rehearsal the day before.  The rehearsal takes several hours so please plan appropriately.  There will be another letter sent out as the recital gets closer with more details.  Each family will be obligated to pay a recital fee.  This fee is what helps to pay for the expense of putting on the show ( facility rental, workers, backdrops, etc.)  The fee also includes your ticket pack which we give you.  Any additional tickets needed will have to be purchased.



Please feel free to call us if you have questions 304-437-2860 and check the website for new updates.